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Odin Sphere FTW!!!

Seriously, this game is the motherlode of 2-D sidescrolling RPGs, I am completely hooked! *_*

Unfortunately I have no words that are capable of saying just how awesome it really is. I am, in a word, speechless. Though let me give it a try,

(1)Story- You play as 5 different main characters, each with their own view to the same story. You start off with Gwendolyn, a Valkyrie. Then, a cursed Prince Cornelius (he turns into a rabbit-like creature that stands on its hind legs). After that, the fairy princess Mercedes. Next, the Shadow Knight, Oswald. And finally, the princess of a lost land, Velvet. (you play through each person's entire story before you can move on to the next character)

(2)Artwork- Breathtaking; every single character is hand-drawn, (quite a bit of the backgrounds too from the looks of it) and looks absolutely wonderful!

(3)Music- A wonderful score, by a renowned Japanese composer, you just have to hear it!

(4)Voices- Very well done, the english voice acting was just as good as the japanese track! (they have both as an option, I recommend the english first though!)

Please check it out if you haven't already!

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